Conoce nuestra evolución

In 2005 Grupo Logístico Santos S.L. is reborn as a new business project focused on Transport, Distribution and Logistics, with more than 40 years of experience and a great capacity for innovation, adequacy to new projects and adaptation to the specific needs of each client. Our raison is to satisfy our clients' needs, with the willingness and capacity to find effective solutions to solve current and future logistics challenges.. In order to safeguard the profitability, the expansion project and our clients' operations, we operate as an extension of your company.
This project is based on a great capacity for evolution and innovation, supported by continuing technical training to reach the implementation of a Total Quality System.
Before making an offer, a comprehensive study of each company will be made to comply with the specifications and means of control your products may require, by adapting our resources to meet the clients' operations needs.
Our aim is to help the client to focus on his business while we take care of what we do best the Integral Logistics Management, and thus close the supply chain loop.

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